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Frequently Asked Questions

We have designed a comprehensive curriculum for every course at Planetspark to provide maximum benefits in one program. You should go for the creative writing course at Planetspark to develop your reading and writing skills. The creative writing course focuses on various aspects of literature such as genres, narrative style, plot, theme, and many more. The course is infused with numerous activities for learners to practice their creative writing and reading skills.

Yes, Planetspark provides one-on-one training to every child so that you will get the guidance of an individual trainer for every course.

Every course at Planetspark has a comprehensive curriculum to provide an overall development to the learners. Which course is best depends upon your requirements and expectations with the course? Moreover, it depends upon your needs. If you want to improve your confidence in public speaking, you should go for the communication skills course, and if you want to enhance your writing skills and develop reading habits, we have a creative writing course for that.

Yes, after enrolling at Planetspark, you will get access to the study material and recorded lectures depending on the course you have chosen. Although, we would highly recommend you to attend the live classes to clarify your doubts simultaneously.

After joining a public speaking course,
The Public speaking course at Planetspark will help you develop fluency, improvise your body language, and reduce anxiety while presenting a speech in front of a large audience. The course will provide you with many opportunities to practice your skills thoroughly with the help of individual and group activities.

Engage your child in discussions on various topics of their interest.
There are no specific timings of the course as the learning mode is online. Students can access the lectures as per the convenience of their schedules.